How to install games & apps from APK, & OBB files

On this page, you will know how you can install apk file on your android smartphone. Before that we need you to know what is apk file and why we need it.

What is an APK?

APK is an acronym for “Android application package”, which is an application installer used on the Android operating system. APK is a ZIP-based archive, based on the JAR format and has a .apk extension.

Why need APK?

  • From time to time, you want to experience new games and apps that are not yet available on Google Play.
  • Install apps that are blocked or restricted in certain countries on Google Play.
  • No Play Store app on your phone / Can’t open Play Store app
  • Installing apps through APK also allows you to install paid apps, which infringe copyright.

What is Obb?

Obb is an additional data file for the app. Some need them to work, while some don’t. If you see the Obb download link in posts on APKMody, then you need to download them.

Allow Unknow Resources Installation

Allow installing third-party apps on your device

If you want to install the game or application through the APK, you must make sure the phone is allowed to install third-party apps.

Do this by going to Settings Privacy > and selecting Unknown sources.

Installing an APK file

Installing an APK file is as simple as eating a cake. You download it from our website, click on it and you will see a notification, select Install to install the application on your device.

Just click on Install option and follow the steps on the screen.

Installing an OBB File

Downlod the file from our site.

If the file is in Zip, you will need to extract it first before installing it. Just Extract to any folder or root folder.

Move the extracted .obb file to Internal / SD Storage -> Android -> Obb.

Make sure the file you are moving is in .obb extension.

Now Open the game and Allow Storage Options.

Enjoy, you have successfully installed Apk With Obb File.

Common problems when installing APK

1. Error “App not installed”

Take each of the following measures:

a, If you get this error, you may have another version of the app (already on the phone) that you are trying to install. Please uninstall it first!

b, It is also possible that the Play Protect feature is turned on, please turn off Play Protect!

c, This error may also occur because your phone does not support this APK file.

d, If you have done all the above and still cannot fix the problem, try restarting the device!

2. Error “Download failed because you may not have purchased this app”

This error usually occurs with apps contain OBB, it seems that you forgot to download OBB.

What if even if you copied the OBB to the correct position and still got an error? Try installing the original version from Google Play first, then uninstall it. And try to install the APK / OBB again!

3. Error “Black screen”, “Loading screen stuck”

Similar to error 2, it looks like you forgot to install OBB, or did it incorrectly.

4. Cannot login with Facebook / Google

This is a problem with all applications that are modified. You may need to root your device to be able to log in.